Fellow stakeholders,

Despite all odds, 2022 was an unexpectedly successful year, one where I continued with my projects at work, diversified into new avenues of personal growth, and worked toward an evolving plan for delivering longer-term returns. This is commendable because it happened despite a year of constant volatility and change.

Yet, my focus on the capstone work project and preparing for an MBA have helped me narrow down my priorities and pivot to a more essentialism-based approach. 2023 will be driven by these renewed priorities, as I also develop specific, concrete skills and add more dimensions to my repertoire. I am excited for what this new year brings but am also committed to delivering annual returns and constantly reorienting toward long-term growth.


2022 Highlights

2022 Professional Performance

Like every year, I am unable to share specifics of this section due to confidentiality reasons. Suffice to say, however, that the year was professionally rewarding, full of novel problems, complex challenges, and subtle, delicate situations to resolve.

My core project progressed well, quite surprisingly. While most of the year was in stasis, there was considerable growth in the fourth quarter — a culmination of three quarters worth of work. This core project involves negotiation, high EQ, and tenacity, key ingredients for a successful outcome. So, 2022 was the year in which I was finally able to reach my desired-level of EQ and tenacity, both of which cumulatively have helped me push the needle forward.

My other work engagements centered around my role as Chief of Staff, one where I get to develop strategy, help oversee management-led projects, and frame outcomes for situations. As the ‘right hand’, I evolved in providing support to my supervisor through many avenues, including scriptwriting, speechwriting, minuting, drafting, managing crises, and leading specialized projects. My fingerprints exist in high-impact situations, all of which continue to be connected with this multi-year effort. Through this, my professional command and grip continue to increase.

2022 Emotional Performance

If you recollect from my past essays, I have mentioned my EQ growth. This year was spectacular in that my EQ and EM (”emotional maturity”) improved exponentially. Be it facing rejection, managing heated arguments, or orienting my own emotions, I learned how to be calm and emotionally-stable in all such situations. But again, this growth was not linear. Instead, it was a step-function increase which happened in end-October, after my annual retreat in the small town of Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Me in Haridwar ‘22

Me in Haridwar ‘22